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Filing Cabinet.png This roleplaying headcanon/information is archived and is no longer active.

Washuu Hakubi's Temporal Investigations Dossier is recorded in the United Federation of Planet's Temporal Enforcement Division. This is also filed in the Shameimaru Shinden archives.


Washuu Hakubi is one of the most prolific violators of the Temporal and Dimensional Prime Directive, and consistently breaks the Temporal Accords on a daily basis. With her constant interference with many universes and many timelines, she is considered by the Department of Temporal Investigations to be a danger as she possesses advanced technology of many types, including interdimensional and temporal travel. Her motives are uncertain, but considering her known track record, she has caused many timelines to shift in significant direction deviating from normal "history" as recorded.

Many of her actions have garnered support from certain factions which herald her as a patron saint, or perhaps "god" to beneficiary groups. Caution is advised if she has garnered support for her actions, whether or not they know they are based upon violations of space-time travel, or not. Some of her actions are TO be a result of her interference but it is uncertain on her true motives.


Washuu Hakubi's physiology is similar to most Juraians, with parts of her body enhanced through aganathics, which prevents alot of the aging process. Furthermore, her internal skeletal structure had been changed from a calcium phosphate material to materials known as cortenide and duranium (the same materials used on androids and hulls of spaceships), which can stand much higher stresses such as battle or more importantly, dimensional and temporal travel.

This does result in her body being alot more resilient to most stresses that would kill a normal mortal being, but it does not make her invincible to them. Mechanical modifications to both her arms and legs have also been introduced as a result of years of travel and on an "as needed" basis from different worlds and universes she has made an impact on. It is also noted that chronitron radiation has been detected from her own body, suggesting that she is possibly using a deliberate temporal flux field to slow down time upon herself while staying "in sync" with wherever she may be, further slowing down the aging process.

It is yet unknown what the side effects of prolonged chronitron radiation is at this time.

History of Washuu Hakubi (According to Universe Record: 202325-A)

Washuu is one of three Goddesses in her universe, the other two being her sisters Tsunami and Tokimi. At some point Washuu entered the realm of mortals, sealing her memory and storing her goddess powers in 3 powerful gems. Tokimi's fate is largely unknown, but it appears she is trying to capture and meet Washuu - using Dr Clay as her agent - for some reason.

Tokimi was always the mysterious one, Tsunami the quiet and gentle one and Washuu the free-spirited one. Tsunami and Washuu do not seem to remember each other. But when the Sasami/Tsunami relationship was revealed to Washuu, she may have recognized her sister. Tokimi does not seem to be after Tsunami, so it is suspected that she does not remember Tsunami and has lost her memory as well.

Washuu was a professor at the graduate school of the Galaxy Science Academy, being a high achiever and generally well liked because of her charismatic manner. While she was a student in the academy she fell in love, married, and bore a child with another student. But because she was of a low class, her husband's parents took her child away from her.

This event profoundly affected her emotionally. From then on Washuu felt that social-status had too much bearing on adult life, declaring it silly and immature. She also took a physical change of staying in her child form, although there are times when she will return to adult form.

A former pupil of hers, Kagato, trapped Washuu into one of her creations: the Souja. Washuu designed the Souja to have two halves, one the opposite of the other. Kagato sealed her in a transparent chamber in the 'Reversed World' with a symbol in the shape of eagle feathers. She was locked away in this "reversed world" until she was freed by Mihoshi Kurimitsu, 5000 years later.

Washuu made herself at home with the Tenchi Masaki family, allegedly creating a portal to her subspace laboratory at his home. Right after that, an odd space-time ripple at her laboratory where one shouldn't have happened as a side effect of the Temporal Cold War of our universe (000001-A).

As a result, instead of her continuing on to continue the original timeline, she had begun a path of destruction through her curiosity, experimentation, and exploitation of the space-time continuum.

(This in turn prevents the Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki! OAV3 from happening until she returns back home to the current timeline.)

Resultant Future

Since she does not return to the original timeline, she may end up causing a chain reaction that results in a definite timelime deviation that will begin to cascade into other universes and other timelines, causing temporal rifts and rips.

Immediately, she will not find out her true origins properly, and will not be able to assist in her universe due to her absence. At this time, it is very noted that her memories as a Goddess has still been sealed away. It is speculated that this set of three gems would help in this endeavor, however, she still must be convinced to return to her universe, and considering her travels and what she's done, it's nearly impossible.

The Destruction of this Universe's Earth and the full collapse of the Juraian Empire would result of Misao Kurimitsu's overreaction of Mihoshi's living arrangements. Without Washuu to balance out some of the fray and assisting, this would cause this to happen.

Subsequently, the being known only as "Z" would begin disobeying another resident Goddess, Tokimi. Without Washuu to help take control of "Z", a universe collapse would result, rippling through mulitple timelines and universes, causing a chain reaction that can cause complete failures in most known dimensions and timelines.

Major Temporal Violations

This list is not an exhaustive list, as it involves only major timeline disruptions. Minor timeline disruptions and other various violations are not listed as the list would exceed to hundreds of thousands of individual violations.

Total Amount of Known Temporal and Dimensional Violations: 100,000+

(Mun note: The series stated afterwards are the specific "universe" affected. The numbers are internal Temporal Investigations classification for universe. The Horizontal Line begins the roleplaying history of this character. Certain universes have overlapped.)

  • Dissemination of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) through the Universal Science Academy, introduction of advanced robotic technology, computer hacking, cause of military losses to Jurai (Tenchi Universe, 202325-B)
  • Theft of major religious and power artifacts from Jurai, unauthorized permanent dimensional use by third parties (Tenchi in Tokyo, 202355-C)
  • Forgery, theft, and corruption of governmental figures, dissemination of advanced technologies, conspiracy to cause dereliction of duty for resident Magical Girl (Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, 202355-D)
  • Forgery of credentials, dissemination of WMD (Magical Girl Abilities) to unauthorized beings, animal cruelty, contributing to the delinquency of minors (Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club, 202355-E)

(Begin Roleplaying History)

  • Aiding and abetting a hostile deity (Tokimi), disruption of deity's operation causing dereliction of duty (Urd), unauthorized disclosure of classified WMD abilities (Light Hawk Wing Abilities) (Tenchi Muyo! Roleplaying, Addendum Ah! My Goddess! 202355-U)
  • Aiding and abetting a hostile nation, assistance in dissemination of WMD technology (Planet Destroyer), corruption of governmental figures (Star Wars, 062356-L)
  • Continuous and contributing to temporal and dimensional violations in an unstable ecosystem, contributing to disruption of temporal timeline, dissemination of WMD technology and devices (many), dissemination of advanced technology, contributions to former "unholy" organizations (Death overtakes God, High Era) (Rhy'Din, U- 464246-A)
  • Dissemination of advanced technology (Robotics), aiding and abetting a hostile individual (Mecha Sonic), contributing to genocide (Sonic the Hedgehog, 353164-S)
  • Aiding and abetting a hostile faction ("Dark Kingdom"), dissemination of advanced technologies (many), unauthorized resurrection of a hostile senior officer (Nephrite), contributing to the delinquency of a minor (Naru Osaka), harboring a sex offender in an undisclosed universe (Sailor Moon Classic, 734355-C)
  • Aiding and abetting a hostile faction (Shinra Electric Company, Inc. at the Asobinin, MGA, and NEO eras), conspiracy to cause ecological damage (Asobinin Era), carnal knowledge of a minor ([Lil Aeris G], Aerith Gainsborough), destruction of government property (MGA/NEO eras), dissemination of advanced technologies (including forms of WMD) (Final Fantasy VII - 283552-7-B,C)
  • Disruption of a protective force organization, aiding and abetting illegal immigrants (Men in Black, Home Universe, 20th Century, 000001-A)
  • Theft of forbidden technology (Borg Nexus Technology) (Star Trek)
  • Dissemination of advanced technologies, dissemination of Temporal and Dimensional technologies, manufacture of unauthorized munitions, assistance of ecological terrorists (Pokemon Royal Court, Stellar Union of Naturals, Universal Eons United, The Eon Temple), Double agent operations against another universe by proxy, harboring terrorists (Stellar Union of Naturals, Universal Eons United), (Pokemon, multiple universes)
  • A special note: Temporary creation of a unholy union (Death overtakes God, [MiB Lisa II] era via [Togepi of Borg] / [Xavier V Mewtwo] proxies, DoG w/ Universal Eons United, lasted two weeks, mulitple universes)
  • Theft of dimension schematics of an alternative universe (Portal Gun Device) (Portal 648542-L)
  • Theft and use of forbidden technologies (Magika via Marisa Kirisame Duplicated Spellcards), trespassing on restricted grounds (Gensokyo), unauthorized establishment of a permanent dimensional link within restricted grounds (Touhou Project, Classified)

Method of Combat

Washuu's method of combat is unique amongst most offenders. Her mastery of temporal and dimensional physics has resulted in thousands of Temporal Officers to perish as a result. They center around the use of anomalies in space and time to be used to her advantage. They may include changes upon local gravity, exploitation of temporal flux, use of temporal explosions, creation of localized portals, and temporal displacement exploitation. They may also involve quantum singularity generation and space-time punctures. She also has the ability to create a beam sword upon her hand and does carry a standard disruptor that doubles as a dimensional portal generator.

With the addition of the use of Marisa Kirisame supplied spellcards, Washuu has further abilities of spacial rifts and lasers, however, she still tries to use her tried and true methods and reserves spellcards for when she really needs them. Washuu is currently in process of creating her own, combining into magitechnical devices that can further her own agenda.

Be aware her methods and devices are a violation of the Temporal Accord and Dimensional Equality treaties and are to be treated accordingly.

Abilities and Known Items / Weapons used

Washuu is so intelligent that her IQ cannot be meaningfully quantified. She has pretty much mastered all forms of science, but her pet favorites has to be genetics (she created Ryoko, Ryoohki, et. al), and Temporal Mechanics (as it is her current enjoyable "hobby"). Washuu has the ability to generate an energy sword much like Ryoko's (and likely more powerful). She also has teleportation powers that surpass even current bleeding edge transporter and she can change her form from a 12 year-old Washuu to a fully Mature Washuu (and any other age I suspect). She can also do all kinds of fancy tricks with space and time and appears to be able to anticipate and avoid/dispell several of Ryoko's powers.

Many assorted energy and anti-matter weaponry can be called, summoned or even generated at will with either her mind commands. She can tap straight into computer systems with her mind without even touching an input device, giving her great power.

The multitude of devices that Washuu Hakubi possesses are enormous, there are a few things that she does use with fair regularity. The following is the most common, but is not an exhaustive list of what she does use for combat. As stated before, her attacks are based upon manipulation of space and time.

Handheld Portal Device / Phased Disruptor

The schematics for this device was stolen from a peculiarly post-apocalyptic universe in which humankind is enslaved. Washuu had the device recreated in her laboratory to be integrated as part of a standard disruptor. This device is, in essence, a portal gun that shoots two portals that are linked to each other. This allows a user to travel from one place to another locally, and also allows the concept of "momentum redirection" which allows momentum to be kept while direction may change. Washuu's physiology allows for the stresses that result from the use of this equipment, but some do not, and can be heavily affected as a result.

When not used as a portal gun, it is used as a regular directed-energy weapon, a variable phased disruptor.

Transdimensional Temporal Sextant

This device modifies the portal gun to allow Washuu to travel between dimensions, planes, and time periods with great stealth. However, it does need a little bit of time to charge up, and generally is difficult using while in battle, so she hasn't been witnessed actually using it. It is speculated that a smaller "one-way" transporter device can send her to the lab safely.

Marisa Kirisame's Spellcards

These set of duplicate spellcards are carried upon Washuu as an additional defensive and offensive measure. Obtained from Marisa Kirisame, they allow her an additional dimension in which her attacks can take advantage of space and time. She is not very adept at them, however, she does see the need to use them, as to make sure she blends in with various "magic heavy" populations.

Ethereal Laptop

Washuu ethereal laptop can be summoned at will, which accesses alot of information on the field without network access back to her subspace laboratory. It seems to also connect to most computer networks without any particular problems, which suggests a shifting architecture depending on Washuu's needs.


The only solution is to NOT KILL HER. She is to be convinced to go back (or led back) to the same timeline to "complete" her mission. Any tampering she does to the timelines she interferes with will be ignored unless it is a significant disturbance.

If her death occurs, she must be then visited by a Time Officer to attempt to correct the timeline. Unfortunately, this must be done at a safe point in a previous timeline she interfered with, as so much damage has been done that trying to revert everything will not be effective at this point.