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Valkyries are an entirely female troll-like species with huge wings. They often regarded as the greatest soldiers on Alternia, if not the galaxy.

Environment and Behavior

Valkyries live on the pink moon and its moonlet, which they collectively refer to as Valhalla. Several cities exist on Valhalla, but the biggest, called Yggdrasil, sits on the moon's magnetic north pole. Yggdrasil can be seen from Alternia's surface. They love the thrill of combat more than anything, and can often be seen practicing with new weapons to broaden their skill. Though armed combat is their forte, some have picked up boxing, fencing, and other violent but nonlethal activities. Their sense of honor and justice often puts them at odds with trolls and darker mythos


Valkyries are incredibly strong, agile fighters, and are capable of extended flight. They have lifespans equal to that of purplebloods. Each is trained in the use of a certain weapon from a young age, which they eventually come to master. They are expected to know how to wield many other weapons, though.