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Yin-yang-orb.png 注意 (Caution) - This is a multi-muse RPer set in a derivative Touhou Project universe. Admin is playing both Touhou and non-Touhou muses with a setting and world view different from the original works of their respective origins. Please proceed with caution if you are uncomfortable with portrayals that differ greatly from the original works.

This is the main front page for my information about my muses and headcanons. Yes you have come to the right page. My RP tumblr actually has its own wiki. The reason for this is for portability purposes; I can easily move all of my RP anywhere or use multiple platforms to RP in with the same universe! The following accounts are considered in the same 'universe.' I am also the administrator of this wiki.

My RP rules are in the article: Rules:Daya

Information about the NSFW variant is in User:Aya Shameimaru/corruptedbookworm

The page that contains a listing of some of my headcanons are in the Category: Category:Articles


The timeline is semi-dependent. It's main universe is a combination of the self-imposed Gensokyo Prime verse, Breederstuck, amongst many other 'trading partners' and mutuals. Flexibility is available if you wish not to work with some or all aspects of the universe; just let me know. I am inclusive of any and all. I practice multiship.

Active Muses

I am primarily a Touhou Project roleplayer. I try to keep to a minimum of what muses I have in general, but I try to keep a decent theme with all of them so they interact well, have some sort of familiarity, but have their own personalities at the same time. Aya Shameimaru drives the story together with all the muses; there is a unified universe and each depends on each other.

Other Muses

These muses are callable; played occasionally or as needed. These are not generally played.

Temporary Muses

I may play muses that have a specialized purpose. They are classified as "temporary" as they do not or will not have a page. Such muses will initiate conversation.

Contact Information

I actually keep this public since all of these are almost all RP related accounts. Please notify me first before adding me.

Regular Information

  • Twitter - @asyameimaru
  • Instagram - ashameimaru
  • Skype - Drunk_Aya
  • preachBums/Pesterchum - inebriatedCrow
  • Kik - drunkaya
  • Gaia Online - Xavier Valentine (YES I STILL HAVE THIS - I leave the name out as legacy; I no longer go by this name)

Gaming Related

  • Nintendo 3DS code - 0559-7080-4571
  • Nintendo ID - drunkaya
  • Steam ID - ashameimaru