Unrecorded War

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Filing Cabinet.png This roleplaying headcanon/information is archived and is no longer active.

The Unrecorded War is a series of conflicts between the subjugglators and the mythos.

Ancient Beginnings

The Unrecorded War is believed to have started during the reign of the Second Empress, with the declaration by the subjugglators that the deserts were off limits to trolls. This law deprived the zombies, nagas, and other desert-dwelling races of a major source of labor and food, and is widely regarded as the first real strike against the mytho population.

Major Conflicts

While the subjugglators did not keep any records of the Unrecorded War as it was going on, hence its name, some stories and records were created and saved by the mythos, and have slowly circulated amongst the trolls since the war's end.

One of the first major battles was against a cabal of planetary mages, believed to have called themselves the Coregoers. The cabal was in the middle of their own internal conflict regarding leadership and the direction that the cabal would go, leaving them vulnerable to attack. The subjugglators took advantage of this distraction, and instigated the Battle of Core Mountain. Even though the cabal was wiped out, the subjugglators suffered heavy losses, a pattern which would continue in future battles against mythos.

One of the most famous battles took place at an ancient forest known as the Ethereal Woods, a place where many spirits, fae, rainbow drinkers, and mages resided. The forest was burned and lost, but the loss of the entire subjugglator force that attacked it causes many to regard it as a mytho victory.

Throughout the entire Unrecorded War, the subjugglators made use of lowblood slaves with psionic powers to attack spirits, which most subjugglators were unable to directly harm. These spirit-busters, as they were called, were the only non-subjugglators to be aware of the existence of mythos, and they were strictly controlled to ensure they didn't tell any other troll.

Repression of Knowledge

One of the most important aspects of the Unrecorded War was the stranglehold of supernatural knowledge that the subjugglators kept. They ensured that they were the only ones who knew of the mythos' existence, through a combination of assassination and media control. While they weren't able to completely erase all knowledge of mythos among the general troll population, they did ensure that no troll actually believed the stories of mythos.

The War's End

After thousands of sweeps of periodic attacks by subjugglators, the mythos finally retaliated and began their own assaults on trollkind. The transition between the Nineteenth Empress and the Twentieth Empress was when they made their move, and struck a serious blow against troll society.

Almost immediately, the Twentieth Empress, reacted and called for an end to the fighting. Faced with the potential eradication of her species, she called together all the major leaders of Alternian, including the Grand Highblood and mytho royalty, to forge a peace treaty. It took almost five sweeps before an agreement could be reached, but peace was established in the end.

In the three thousand or so sweeps since the Subjug-Mytho Decree was established, little to no conflict between mythos and trolls has occurred. The subjugglators still despise mythos, but the Decree has been supported by the Alternian royalty since its creation, preventing them from making a concerted movement against the supernatural.

The Twentieth Empress became known as the Trucekeeper due to her role in ending the Unrecorded War.