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A lantern-type Tsukumogami, one of the most common types in ancient East Alternia.

A Tsukumogami (East Alternian for 'Kami of Tool') is a previously inanimate object which has gained sentience and mobility. While there are certain cosmetic differences between a Tsukumogami and the object it is based off of, it's fairly easy to tell what kind of Tsukumogami one encounters.

Environment and Behavior

Tsukumogami can be found all over Alternia, but seem mostly to be concentrated around the eastern region of the planet. Junkyards are full of Tsukumogami.

There's no one specific culture for Tsukumogamis, due to the limited intelligence of most of them and the fact that their behavior seems to be influenced by the nature of the object they used to be. For example, a sword Tsukumogami would actively seek out people to do combat with, while Tsukumogami of light sources - lanterns, lightbulbs, lamps - would act as will-o-wisps.

Only Tsukumogami based on objects resembling living things, such as dolls, action figures, and statues, or that used to be machines and electronics, display intelligence beyond that of a simple machine. These Tsukumogami tend to gather together in hidden places like basements, attics, and crawlspaces.


Tsukumogami tend to share abilities with the objects they're based off of - for example, a computer Tsukumogami would be able to connect to the Internet and upload and download data, a gun could fire and reload itself, and a vehicle could move at high speeds. However, they also share the object's weaknesses - the computer would eventually have to seek out a source of electricity, the gun would be useless without ammo, and the vehicle would require fuel.

Common abilities among all Tsukumogami include flight or levitation and an enhanced resistance to destruction and damage.

The Mystery of Tsukumogami

Nobody quite knows how objects become Tsukumogami, though it is known that the transformation occurs after the object has existed for about one hundred sweeps. Some say that a spirit possesses the object, while others say that mana from the sun, moon, and Alternia slowly infuse the object over a hundred sweeps, and give it life after that period. Whatever the case, almost every object, be it decoration, machine, vehicle, or weapon, can make the transformation into a Tsukumogami.