Taishi Tysato

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Taishi Tysato
"The New Administrator"
Tumblr URL subversivesaint
Race Half-Troll/Youkai
Origin Gensokyo
Age 15 sweeps
Gender Female
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Dark-purple
Height 2.2m
Abilities Control of Charisma
(not developed)
Occupation Student
Current Residence Shameimaru Shinden
Theme Sakura, Sakura
"It is not my problem that you use such outdated principles and governance. So if I am antagonistic to primitive trolls who cling to arcane beliefs … you deserve it.”

Taishi Tysato is Tokiko and Menohs Peixes daughter/wriggler that was the first half-troll, half-youkai in Gensokyo. She


She is based off a photo that sburbanphantasm created.


Her name is derived from

  • Taishi- Name of Taishi Shotaku. She was given such a masculine name as an echo of Toyosatomimi no Miko— The grub tended to gravitate towards her and started to pick up her traits.
  • Tysato - Toyosatomimi.

Her preachbums/Trollian Handle subversiveSaint is derived from

  • subversive - tending to subvert or advocating subversion, especially in an attempt to overthrow or cause the destruction of an established or legally constituted government. This is from her desire to take over parts of Alternia.
  • saint - based on Toyosatomimi no Miko’s “sainthood.”


As Taishi is half-troll, half youkai, her talksprite is not the standard troll base. It is a walfas create.swf base. This does allude to the fact that she is a half-youkai, not a full troll. She is accepted in Gensokyo; everyone is used to seeing weird stuff. However, in the Outside World … not so much. It is evident she is not exactly normal; her half-youkai side definitely stands out.


Taishi is asexual and in most cases, aromantic. She will only have friends. Has no desire for a sexual or romantic relationship. She is, however, very attached to her family.