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Succubi (Female) and Incubi (Male) are winged trollinoid mythos that feed on the romantic and sexual energies of the red, black, and pale quadrants. They possess large reptilian wings not unlike those of dragons, and are otherwise identical to trolls.

Environment and Behavior

Succubi and incubi seem to favor cities, and rarely are found in the country or near remote hives. They seek out potential partners and confront them privately, normally by breaking into their hives, then seduce them in either the red or black quadrant, depending on both the mythos' and the trolls' personalities. Pailing usually occurs within a few hours, allowing the succubus/incubus to feed. However, these mythos have also been known to seek out trolls in emotional turmoil, to act as a moirail for them. This is mutually beneficial, as the pale emotions can empower the succubus/incubus just as easily as sexual congress.


Succubi and incubi are capable of flight, and can remain airborne for upwards of twelve hours. They subsist entirely on sexual and romantic energies, not requiring food or water except in desperate situations.