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A Maroonblooded Satyr.

A hybrid mytho of troll and woolbeast. The most notable trait of Satyr is that they have the upper body of a troll, and from the waist down, the lower bodies of woolbeasts. They stand on thin hoofs and have woolie legs. They fair well in the cold due to their soft wool. Their wool usually comes in a variety of colours, either matching their hair, or their blood colour, or a blend of each.

Environment and Behavior

Most Satyr favor plains and mountainous rocky areas, but it's not uncommon for them to live in cities. They can sometimes be found climbing around cities as urban explorers, enjoying the thrill of climbing.

Satyr have a very adventurous nature, enjoying finding new things and claiming them for their own. When in groups, they share stories of their findings and show off what they have.


With a close relationship to nature, near spirits of the world, they have a mastery of elemental magics, mostly of Earth. Planetary mages usually have a Satyr as a master. As well, they have great skill with instruments, usually the pan flute, some even finding the ability to sway peoples minds with their song.

Climbing is their greatest skill, able to scale flat walls with ease, either by crafting holes in them with their Elemental magics, or by sheer skill.

In combat, they fight with a blend of Earth magic to create a favourable terrain, combining their climbing skills and their near boundless energy to confuse and distract enemies. Weapons of choice include whips and slings.