Recette Lemongrass (Daya)

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Aya Shameimaru
Capitalism ho! Yayifcations!
Tumblr URL bunbunmaru-shimbun
Race Human
Origin Pensee
Age 9 years old
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 4'1"
Abilities Control over the Financial Markets
Occupation CEO & Chairman of Recettear, Inc.
Logistics Director of Shameimaru Shinden
Current Residence Shameimaru Shinden Estate
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This girl is the shopkeep of Recettear. Her store sells a variety of necessities and items that each and every person desires for their everyday lives. She is also able to buy items from you directly, put stuff in her shop for consignment, and if you really feel the need, maybe pawn off something.

  • Recette, Tyrael, and Alice Margatroid are the primary muses on this blog (although you do see them on bunbunmaru-shimbun, * this is the ‘sane’ tumblr). Aya and Tokiko will rarely pop up.
  • Test muses may also come up over here, however, they will be the cute relaxed kind.
  • This blog is SFW 100% of the time!! No NSFW!
  • Recette’s Shop is technically in Pensee, but you may simply walk in from “anywhere,” Recette Item Shop, Inc. has many franchises.
  • You may attempt to shoplift and try to avoid Recette. You may also attempt to rob her. However, you may get the wrath of a lot of other muses.

Family Headcanons

  • The Condesces are considered Recette’s and Alice’s mother.
  • Tyrael has no ‘wife.’ He is simply a grandfather figure in this small family.
  • The family has a very hands on approach on their hobbies. Arts and crafts are very common, as well as cooking.
  • Home economics is a “must know” thing.
  • Although Alice Margatroid and Tyrael has access to magic (and can use it occasionally), as Recette is learning major responsibilities in the home, neither will use magic except in casual use. The biggest thing for her is that she learns the ethics of its use first before she can actually crack open a spellbook.
  • The worst that happens here is occasional sibling fighting with firm discipline. There is no abuse of any kind involved.
  • It’s not a perfect family! But it works really well.

Headcanons for Recette’s shop

  • Her itemshop is transgalactic, and transdimensional. That means more lodsofmone!
  • Recette Item Shop, Inc. is listed on the NASDAQ under the made up ticker RECE. She owns 64% of outstanding shares; 352,000,000 shares out of 550,000,000 outstanding
  • She has a vast knowledge and understanding in the world of business, entrepreneurship, and high level finance, including how the stock market, bond market, and risk derivatives works. She knows how (and runs) high-frequency trading and complex financial securities.
  • She has a working knowledge of current events and politics. Some may call her a walking child MBA.
  • However, she is very innocent and naive about a lot of things. She may talk about geopolitical climate of the multi-verse in one hand and really does not know much about “tab A to slot B” to “blue collar crime” other than shoplifting and stealing. She tends to ask consulting firms like Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and BDO on stuff like that. They are really friendly to her since she is their largest customer in net worth.
  • Oblivious may well be the term for her. She knows what sells and knows she selling, but is ignorant on what some of it is used for. She is immune to mind control. However, she can attached legitimately and extremely trustworthy to people, especially with regular customers or someone kind to her.
  • Her behavior sometimes is a bit twisted though. “Yandere Capitalism” is the best way to describe it followed by the Ferangi Rules of Acquisition. She is a little nicer about it. Very creepily nicer about it.
  • She considers Her Imperious Condescension(s) as her mother.