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Filing Cabinet.png This roleplaying headcanon/information is archived and is no longer active.

Polaris Sirius Celeste (Eevee Variant: Stareon) (JP:スタアリ) is a Celestial Umbra Eeveelution variant, as a result of exposure to "star bits" and/or "star pieces" during the night or in space. This can be also induced via Astral Plane exposure. It's energy consumption is Celestial based, where it draws its source based upon star light.


  • Name: Polaris Sirius Celeste.
  • English Species: Stareon.
  • Japanese Species: Suutaali.
  • Number: Cataloged as Pokemon #E254.
  • Species Classification: Northern Star Pokemon.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Height / Length / Weight: 2'7" / 4'1" / 66.0 lbs.
  • Type(s): Psychic.
  • Status: Active Operative, Universal Eons United; Eeveelution Temple of the Southern Island.
  • Level - 83
  • HP - 385
  • Attack - 180
  • Defense - 140
  • Sp. Attack - 420
  • Sp. Defense - 300
  • Speed - 220

Species Strengths

  • Strong against fighting - type Pokemon.
  • Strong against poison - type Pokemon.
  • Telepathic speech capabilities.
  • Pokemon speech interpretation.
  • Human speech ["common language"] interpretation.

Species Weaknesses

  • Weak against dark - type Pokemon.
  • Weak against ghost - type Pokemon.
  • Weak against bug - type Pokemon.
  • Weak against psychic - type Pokemon.

Pokemon Ability

  • Nighttime -- Whenever this Pokemon is placed into the arena, it becomes nighttime.*


  • N/A -- previously Samantha Amouriana.


  • Frosty Celeste; Frosteon brother.
  • Halley Celeste; Cometeon ; mate.
  • Jikoku Zephyrus; Temporeon sister-in-law.


  • Saffron City Caverns, Kanto Region.
  • Meteor Falls, Hoenn Region.
  • Eeveelution Temple of the Southern Island.

Pokedex Classification

  • Cave

Evolution Basis

Eevee evolves into Stareon while in the presence of the radiation emitted from "starpieces," and only during the hours of night.


Stareon has a tendency to be timid around outlandish Pokemon, at least initially. It doesn't take very much for him to warm up to anyone, but once he does, he can be quite a nuisance. His central personality trait is clumsy. Even while attempting to focus, Stareon falls victim to his two left feet. Yet he remains a playful, goofy, and an all around fun-loving creature.

As far as trainers and humans go, Stareon has very little patience with them. A friendly gesture can often be mistaken as animosity. The only exception is if the human is bearing food, specifically berries. Stareon loves berries of anykind, but his favorite is the Watmel Berry. Just because they have berries does not mean the Stareon will automatically like them, nor will he feel obligated to acknowledge the aforementioned trainer for anything more than a polite gesture of thanks.

Because of Stareon's diverse personality traits, none of them of them being more dominant than another, his "Pokemon Nature" is MILD. The respective abilities of this nature include an increased special attack, as well as a lowered defense.

Pokemon Dueling Performance

Stareon has a very high special attack, almost the equivalent to the "super brainiac" Pokemon Alakazam. If given the opporunity to inflict damage via psychic abilities, the results could be disastrous. Physical attacks that are performed by Stareon do very little damage. Stareon is also extremely vulnerable to damage inflicted by physical, or non-special attacks, as his defense is his weakest statistic. His speed isn't much better, but he's not one for running, anyway.

PokDex Information

Ruby - This Pokemon is sought by many trainers and adventurers alike because of the belief that it has the ability to grant the wishes of whomever captures it.

Sapphire - Ancient civilizations depict this Pokemon as a deity of sorts, capable of reading the heavens in order to predict such things as natural disasters and the nature of the upcoming harvest.

Emerald- The Pokemon is said to appear at night to those who are lost, guiding them home as though to be the Northern Star incarnate.

Fire Red- This Pokemon is said to draw its source of energy directly from the stars. Therefore, it is believed to be a strictly nocturnal Pokemon.

Leaf Green - Pokemon researches speculate that the star-shaped appendage on the Pokemon's tail is sensitive to astronomical occurrences, and that when it glows brightly, events such as meteor showers are soon to follow.

[ stareon does not travel to the Johto Region, and therefore does not appear in that generation. ]


Baby - None Basic - Eevee [ #133 ] Stage 1 - Stareon [ #E254 ] Stage 2 - Nebulaeon [ #255 ]


Lv. 00 - Tackle Lv. 00 - Tail Whip Lv. 00 - Helping Hand Lv. 05 - Confusion Lv. 10 - Teleport Lv. 15 - Tail Glow Lv. 20 - Crunch Lv. 25 - Psywave Lv. 30 - Confuse Ray Lv. 35 - Light Screen Lv. 40 - Meteor Mash Lv. 45 - Future Sight Lv. 50 - Moonlight Lv. 55 - Mind Reader Lv. 60 - Psybeam Lv. 65 - Night Shade Lv. 70 - Calm Mind Lv. 75 - Psychic Lv. 80 - Wish Lv. 85 - Cosmic Power Lv. 90 - Cosmic Ray**

TMs / HMs

TM 04 - Calm Mind TM 05 - Roar TM 06 - Toxic TM 10 - Hidden Power TM 15 - Hyper Beam TM 16 - Light Screen TM 17 - Protect TM 21 - Frustration TM 23 - Iron Tail TM 27 - Return TM 29 - Psychic TM 30 - Shadow Ball TM 33 - Reflect TM 44 - Rest TM 48 - Skill Swap HM 01 - Cut HM 05 - Flash

Move Tutor Techniques

Body Slam Double-Edge Endure Sleep Talk Snore Disable Perish Song Swift

Egg Moves

Charm Curse Shadow Punch Mist Ball Tickle Luster Purge

  • Nighttime is an effect similar to Drought and Drizzle; it summons an atmospheric effect, a clear night, during which time the statistics of psychic, dark, and ghost Pokemon are all simultaneously heightened.
    • Cosmic Ray is a deviation of Solar Beam, an attack in which the first turn is used to draw in energy, after which a powerful beam is attempted on the second. No wait if the attack is used during night hours or if Nighttime is an effect currently in play. Less powerful during the day, or if Sunny Day is in place.


Can breed with: Eevee/Eveelutions Group names: Ground


Polaris Sirius Celeste was born as an ordinary, even slightly underweight, Eevee. He was the third and youngest of the puppies to be hatched to a small, female Vaporeon and her Espeon mate. His siblings constantly harassed Polaris as a pup. He therefore spent countless hours on his own, engaging himself with the exploration of magical, imaginary lands. Saffron City was quite a place to explore and to decorate using the power of imagination and the visions of a young mind. He frequented mythical gardens, and enjoyed fictional forests over which he presided as a guardian. He was a content youngster, and incredibly intelligent, a trait which he obviously assumed from his father. Sooner than he had imagined, though, his brother and sister left the caverns to live on their own as wild Pokemon. The time for him to spread his own wings and leave the proverbial nest drew ever closer, and he began to grow anxious and impatient at the prospect. He awoke late one night, and listened carefully to a heated conversation that his parents were having.

“I just don’t think that he is ready,” his mother whispered quietly into the dark chamber that was adjacent to his own.

“Of course he’s not, but he has to learn to fend for himself somehow. Maybe we should go with him, at least for the first little while. You know, in order to get him accustomed to being in the wild.” His father’s comments caused his heart to sink, the young Eevee hurt that they were even having this conversation about him, but determined more than ever to leave and be successful on his own.

That very same night, Polaris left the den without bidding his parents farewell, and set out upon his journey through life. He had not determined what his destination was, but he set out initially in the direction of Celadon City. He traveled for what seemed like days, and encountered many different species of Pokemon. A few of them had proven hostile, but the rest were refreshingly pleasant and sociable. He survived off of berries and small bodies of water he encountered at random intervals throughout his travels. He was fairly content, and had settled nicely into a routine of traveling by night, and then resting during the day. One evening, while he was resting soundly just off of a small dirt road, he was awakened by a most unfamiliar sound. He investigated discreetly, and discovered that a human and her Pokemon companions were nearby, enjoying a few moments together. The human intrigued him, as he had never encountered one before. He decided to further investigate.

The young Polaris spied on the group for some while, until a large feline Pokemon detected his presence. This Persian notified its trainer, and before he knew what was going on, the female trainer was approaching him. He was too curious a creature not to accept her invitation, so before long he was literally eating out of her hand. He took a liking to the girl, and as she started to leave, asked if he would like to accompany them on their journey. He accepted most gladly, and so Polaris was “caught.”

The trainer put forth an effort to make him feel comfortable for the first while, but after a certain point, she began to coax him into battling. The “adolescent” Eevee was accustomed to an occasional battle. His siblings, remember, were always engaging him in such activities. He proved himself time and again a Pokemon that was adept at battling, and even enjoyed it occasionally. Soon, however, the trainer grew more forceful and the battles became more strenuous. She pushed harder and expected more out of him with each passing opponent; it was as if she were methodically pushing him a little farther with every battle. After one specific battle, Polaris’ trainer drew him aside afterwards, and began screaming at him. “I don’t know what’s wrong with you,” she said suddenly, a mixture of rage and impatience tainting each of her words. “All I wanted was for you to evolve. Become some big, strong evolution of a Pokemon. We train and train, and you do nothing for me in return! It’s just not worth it anymore. You’re not worth it.” She then released Polaris back into the wild, and became the first to abandon him.

He moped around Fuchsia City for several days and nights, unable to shake what the young trainer had told him. Why couldn’t he evolve? He was sure that there was something wrong him, but what? One night, he was staring up at the sky, resting in a small wooded area in the Safari Zone. The stars winked at him quietly, before a sudden streak of light caught his attention. He wished instantly. He whispered breathlessly into the night, “I want to become a strong evolution.. like my trainer would’ve wanted.”

The shooting star shattered into several pieces, one of which fell some small distance away from where Polaris was currently residing. He approached the site of the collision suspiciously, and gazed upon a luminous shard of cosmic rubble. An inquisitive paw was extended to explore the stone tactilely, whereupon the evolution process began because he was in such proximity to the radiation of the star pieces. It was at this moment that Polaris Sirius Celeste evolved into the celestial evolution of Eevee that we have all come to know and love: Stareon.

Polaris’ newly evolved form was everything that he’d wished that it would be. He looked positively ferocious, and had begun to explore his new psychic abilities. Teleportation was one of his favorite techniques, but he was often times unable to control in which direction he thrust himself through time and space. It was in one of these accidents that he stumbled upon a small, abandoned mansion on Cinnabar Island. Here, he encountered beasts such as himself, whom had formed a pack of evolutionary creatures known as the Universal Eons United. He befriended one in specific, Fyre the Solareon. It was here that he encountered the Stormeon that he was to court and fall in love with. They became mates, and were constantly by each other’s sides. Suddenly, his mate became ill, and passed only a few short days later. He stayed at the mansion location for only a short period of time afterwards, because he was hurting and wanted to explore and be on his own for a while. He had full intentions of returning at a later time.

His journey after he left the Universal Eons United was rather uneventful. He explored his evolutionary powers, and trained with strange Pokemon, becoming stronger. It was during one of these battles that he encountered the same Solareon who had led the group of creature’s he left such a long time ago. Solareon was now traveling with a young female trainer named Samantha. Stareon, despite his past experiences, took an instant liking to the girl and allowed himself to become part of her party. He flourished during this time, and even witnessed the return of the Universal Eons United into existence. Many new and unusual Eevee evolutions made themselves available to the grouping, one of which was an icy little create known as Frosty and another called Faith. The connection with Frosty was instantaneous. He determined this to be his oldest sibling, his brother. He had evolved into an icy evolution of Eevee: Frosteon. The two got reacquainted with one another for only a moment before the young Faith interrupted. This Hasteon, a very sleek and aerodynamic – looking creature, reunited herself with the two brothers. She was their sister, indeed. The three of them spent many days together, and their horse — play and harassment no longer plagued Stareon. He was now capable of defending himself.

Polaris was on top of the world. In addition to finding his family members, he acquired another mate, a bubbly and charismatic creature that called herself a Hyporeon. Stareon had entered into his golden age, but was rattled from the top of the world by a series of crushing events. Firstly, his sister Faith fell victim to a most violent attack by an angry Ursaring, and died within moments of Polaris rushing to her side. Secondly, his mate Hyporeon decided that she was better suited to nest with his best friend, the aforementioned Solareon. And last, but certainly not least, his trainer disappeared suddenly and left all of her Pokemon alone. He was alone in the world save for his brother, and the friendship he still maintained with Solareon.

It was one day after all of this occurred that he teleported to the laboratory of Professor Oak, as rumors had it that Samantha might have been staying there, for whatever reason. He encountered the professor himself, as well as his fiery acquaintance, Solareon. They spoke briefly about Sam’s disappearance before Stareon thought that he heard something coming from the depths of a deep canyon that was centered in the wildlife preserve behind Oak’s facility to cater especially to rugged, rocky Pokemon. He made his way to the cliff, but in an effort to scale down and see if Samantha had gotten trapped at the bottom, he fell several hundred feet and landed on a mountainous ledge. He was knocked unconscious, and although he was rescued by one of Professor Oak’s Pokemon, it was determined that he had acquired a low-level case of amnesia. He became very cautious of people he once knew, and it took him several weeks to readjust to his environment, and to regain the majority of his memories.

He began to meet a multitude of other Eevee evolutions. Among these Pokemon, he encountered two majestic Pokemon. Tsuki was a fiery Gryphoneon, who was almost always seen with Taiyou, a peaceful Phoenixeon. They became very good friends, and were out in a field one night when they encountered a small, ice and rock Pokemon known as Cometeon. The two fell in love, as the chemistry was immediate. They have been together ever since, and Stareon has increased his bonds with the Solareon and the Gryphoneon. Everyone has recently taken up residence, at least partially, in a large abandoned temple in the Southern islands. Here, he just recently encountered a creature he’d met a long time ago. Along with this Twistereon, he has been causing quite a stir at the temple. He is currently working on starting a family, as well as organizing these companions into a “pack” of Eevee evolutions on which he can always depend.