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A ceruleanblooded pixie.

Pixies are tiny trollinoid mythos that rarely exceed five inches in height, not counting horns. They also have transparent wings which share their blood colors, and are normally seen wearing leaves, grass, and scraps of cloth as clothing - if they bother to wear clothes at all.

Environment and Behavior

Pixies have little preference for location, but tend to avoid cities as they're commonly treated as pests by trolls there. They also seem to abhor the cold, and have even been known to migrate to avoid the cold temperatures of the dark perigees. Pixes are mischievous creatures, and love playing pranks on unsuspecting beings. These pranks rarely have any lasting effect, normally resulting only in stings and bruised egos. However, large gatherings of pixies can prove to be hazardous, as pranks will be set up and initiated nonstop.


Pixies have minor magical abilities, mainly in the elemental and spacial branches, and can maintain flight for up to five hours at a time.