New Alternia (Breederstuck)

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This is one of many thousands of island structures around New Alternia.

New Alternia, part of the Breederstuck Alternate Universe, is a city off the coast of North America. It is reminiscent of Atlantis.


Rising from the sea is a massive set of structures. This, is the city of New Alternia. It sprawls several miles across, bigger than most islands, rivaling even Japan in size, just of off the eastern coast of North America, near the south eastern half where it’s more temperate and warm.

And the sprawl of city life and the movement of human and troll alike keep this place quite active. Here people live, work, and enjoy life together. And at its center, the massive palace of Her Imperious Condescension, in which most, if not all, Breeders and Breedee’s live, each with their own little apartment in the Palace, where they are cared for and treated with respect, if they can return it in kind to those they serve.

Of course, they’re allowed out of the palace, but only with supervision from a guard drone. Which isn’t too bad, since they can fly, and provide easy transportation around the city.

Yes, life here is quite busy, and its night life, doubly so. During the day, you might see one or two trolls every few blocks you go, going about there business, but at night, they all come out, either to party it up in a club, or to just go out and eat, living their lives rather freely. Because hell, when you were just facing extinction sweeps ago, on a world where you were constantly under threat of death, and suddenly thrown into a world that doesn’t really give a damn about your blood any more, with even your ruler going easy on you, wouldn’t you wanna go have the time of your life?

Of course you would!

New Alternia hosts a wide range of activities available, from sports, to movies, to even a game center or two for the younger trolls. And the education facilities here are top notch, which is where a huge portion of the population originates, living in dorms on campus just a bit away from the palace. They accept ages one and up, doubling as a daycare center as well as a school, where grubs and human children can be cared for, wrigglers entertained and taught, and young trolls guided down the paths of life available through training and mentorships, if needed.

Many of the facilities on New Alternia are free to use, as well, funded by the Empresses own wealth, which is redistributed and cycled back to her anyway, with her controlling much of the worlds resources. She doesn’t consider it losing money, just lending it, even when the money she uses goes into foreign companies, she knows she’ll get it back one day.

And of course, the healthcare facilities are the greatest in the world, if not the universe in New Alternia, serving as the founding of the first plague cure, developed from the Empresses blood, on Earth. Here, those that were thought good as dead elsewhere, are cured by the combination of Earth and Alternian medicine, pulling off miracles. The surgeonihilators of the Troll race and the MD’s of Earth were quick to get along, quick to realize they had a lot to learn from one another when Trolls first arrived, and got busy teaching each other all they knew.

Crime isn’t too much of an issue in the city, with a constant watch of Drones patrolling and just looking for a bit of trouble to take down, but it can rear its head, sometimes. But it doesn’t usually take long for the legislacerators to crack down on offenders and bring them in, to justice.

All in all, the city of New Alternia is almost like a paradise, for both Trolls and Humans alike. A perfect place, for their races to unite as one, multiply, and grow plenty.