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A hybrid mytho with the upper body of a troll and the lower body of a snake. They tend to be almost ebony in complexion, due to constant exposure to the harsh light of the desert Alternian sun. They stand between five and a half and six and a half feet, with body lengths half again as long as their normal heights. Their hair is normally black, but dark brown and even blond hair exists. They possess the same range of blood colors as trolls, though this not reflected in their eyes, which are completely black.

Nagas are coldblooded, so they must often find refuge from the heat of the sun or risk their health and lives.

Environment and Behavior

All nagas live in the deserts, and rarely venture out to other regions. THey live in desert kingdoms comprised of between two thousand and three three thousand members. There are approximately one hundred and fifty known kingdoms scattered across Alternia's deserts, each with their own monarchy.


They are best known for the necromantic powers, allowing them to control the zombies with which they share the Alternian deserts. They're also one of the only species who can withstand the light of the sun, and thus are primarily active during the day. Like snakes, they can unhinge their jaw to swallow large prey, up to and including trolls.