Momiji Inubashiri (Daya)

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Yin-yang-orb.png This muse is played in a derivative Touhou Project Universe. She is portrayed different from ZUN's original works. For a further background of this muse, visit Momiji Inubashiri's page on TouhouWiki.

Momiji Inubashiri
Momi Daya.jpg
"Are you Canadian?"
Tumblr URL bunbunmaru-shimbun
Race Wolf Tengu
Origin Gensokyo
Age 50-ish[1]
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White
Height 5'5"
Abilities seeing 1000 ri (~4000km) ahead, normal tengu abilities
Occupation Senior Patroller
Curator New Alternia Institution
Current Residence Shameimaru Shinden
New Alternia
Theme Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall

Momiji Inubashiri (犬走 椛 Inubashiri Momiji) is a white wolf tengu whose primary duty is to patrol the Youkai Mountain. Her good sense of smell and sight are helpful for this duty. Currently, she is also in charge of patrolling archaeological sites on the New Alternia, Earth timeline.

Momiji is currently still trying to understand that space-time differential and sometimes gets confused upon entering different timelines.


Her behavior is of a serious demeanor, with a matter-of-fact tone. Momiji is very direct and does not hesitate to attack anyone that decides to get on her bad side. She does not have much possessions and lives a fairly simple life. She has a fairly ritualistic behavior that she tends to stick with

She enjoys games of strategy such as shogi and go.



Youkai Mountain

Per normal of most wolf tengu, Momiji is a mid-range patroller of Youkai Mountain.

Curator New Alternia Institution

The City of New Alternia carries a large museum that is dedicated to the preservation of the world's cultural treasures including ruins, works of art, artifacts, and religious relics. With most Gensokyans, they have a dedication to preserving the "old" as a remembrance of history and their background. Her other job is to foster the preservation, study, and respect of this world's history.

Quadrants and Relationships

Momiji practices multi-ship.

Relationship Quadrants
Matespriteship ♥ Moirallegiance ♦


Kismesissitude ♠ Auspisticism ♣




  1. It is notable that TouhouWiki says she's over 49; I will give the 50-ish years old