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Two examples of the most common forms of mimics.

Mimics are beings with no known true form.

Environment and Behavior

The origin of mimics is a mystery, which they are very tightlipped about. They can be found all over Alternia, in both peaceful and hostile environments. For some reason, they favor the appearance of chests regardless of location, but quickly turn into monstrous forms when approached.


Mimics can change their shape, appearance, and density to assume a nearly infinite number of forms. They are also believed to be immortal and nearly impossible to kill due to their shapeshifting powers. Radiation and certain sonic frequencies have been shown to corrupt their powers, either preventing them from changing or causing them to change forms rapidly and eventually destroy themselves.

Mimics in the Empire

From time to time, it's discovered that a mimic has replaced an important figure in the Alternian Empire. Replaced figures throughout history have included Grand Highbloods and other high-ranking subjugglators; mayors; governors; legislacerators; admirals; generals; and even the 24th Empress. In each case but one, the mimic was able to flee before being apprehended.