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Yin-yang-orb.png This muse is played in a derivative Touhou Project Universe. She is portrayed different from ZUN's original works. For a further background of this muse, visit Mima's page on TouhouWiki.

Mima Daya.jpg
"The Charming Demon"
Tumblr URL bunbunmaru-shimbun
Race Vengeful Spirit (Akuryou)
Origin Gensokyo
Age "A very long time"
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Green
Height 6'9"
Abilities Magic and more Magic
Occupation Magic Instructor
Current Residence Shameimaru Shinden
Theme Reincarnation

Mima (魅魔) is a vengeful spirit that haunts the area around the Hakurei Shrine in the PC-98 canon. Around the turn of the new millennium, she partied her head off and passed out for 14 years and re-awakes in 2014.

Based on previous old investments before she went to "sleep," she is considered a billionaire in the Outside World, with investments in Apple Computer, Intel, and a startup later known as Google. As a result, she does not need to worry about money in the Outside World.

She currently returned back to instructing magicians and uses the Scarlet Devil Library as her classroom.


Mima is very laid back, relaxed, and can relate to humans[1]. She does not have any hatred towards humans or any other mortals at all. She is often referred to as a ghost, but is in the process of inadvertently becoming a deity[2] She does get along with the Alternians who have moved in to Gensokyo and some in the Outside World[3].

Mima suffers from Hypnophobia from her passing out for 14 years. She often tries to stay around with people such as sleeping in the Scarlet Devil Library, the Shameimaru Shinden meeting halls, or with Eridan Ampora[4]. Her very old age has caused her to forget many things such as why she is a vengeful spirit or the Hakurei Shrine's past.

The Akuryou is a bit of a flirt and sometimes comes off as such. This is for more purposes of intimidation and drawing fear towards those around her. However, it does backfire a little more often than expected, such as the result of the kismesis formed between Kisshu and herself.

Spell Cards

Mima has a variety of Spell Cards. She does also have the capability of copying others' but she will usually use her's first.

Unnamed Cards

For the purposes of roleplay, the following scenes are considered non spellcard attacks. The rationale is that the attacks are unnamed. Both the article from TouhouWiki and the gameplay video is included

From Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream

These spellcards are sourced from the PC-98 Game Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream

  • 「貫通ワイドウェーブ」 Piercing Wide Wave
  • 「スピードアップ + ショット高速連射」 Speed Up + Rapidfire Shot
  • 「反幽幻弾」 Anti-Spirit Illusion Shot
  • 「右上(もしくは左上), から全方向弾乱射」 Omnidirectional Random Shot from Upper Right (or Upper Left)
  • 「幽幻乱舞」 Wild Phantom Spirit Dance
  • 「イビルフィールド」 Evil Field

Immaterial and Missing Power

The spellcards that Marisa Kirisame uses are quite similar to spellcards used in Story of Eastern Wonderland. For the purposes of this list, this is included.

From Fangames

These have appeared in various fanworks.

From Spell Card Collection

These cards are from the fangame Spell Card Collection.

  • 「コメットディストラクト」 "Comet Distract"
  • 「スターダストサイクロン」 "Stardust Cyclone"
  • 「エリプティカルオービッド」 "Elliptical Orbit"

Touhou Soccer

  • Twilight Spark from Touhou Soccer. This one of the most powerful incarnations of the Master Spark, except this can be seen from space.

Quadrants and Relationships

Mima practices multi-ship.

Relationship Quadrants
Matespriteship ♥ Moirallegiance ♦

Eridan Mima.png
Eridan Ampora[6][7]
Kismesissitude ♠ Auspisticism ♣
Kurloz Mima.png
Kurloz Makara


Other Information

Kisshu is inactive.


  1. "From Profile in Mystic Square: A spirit who's lived(?) a very long time. However, she certainly doesn't remember it all, so she's rather laid-back. She's become like the (evil) spirit of the Hakurei Shrine, but her personality is more human than some humans'."
  2. Although she states that she has a "deity like-existence", a divine ascension is occurring and innate divinity is forming. There are some worshipers in the Outside World.
  3. ... she however loves harassing quite a few of them in her "ghost" form.
  4. Not Aya's Eridan
  5. Please note that in this game that Mima is playable.
  6. Not to be confused with Aya Shameimaru's Eridan).
  7. It is notable that Mima has a heavy flushed crush with Eridan. She will not admit to this directly; she does not want him to leave her. She is greatly defensive of Eridan nevertheless and will react very violently if someone were to harm him. She does overreact.

Mima, the Vengeful Spirit ... or is she?


You fell asleep after a hard night partying like it's 1999 ringing in the new millenium " dancing to the THONG SONG, got COMPLETELY WASTED and passed out ... for 14 years! Upon awakening, it is 2014, and you've woken up in a completely different Gensokyo. What are these new buildings? Scarlet Devil Mansion? Myouren Temple? Wow, the moon people are here! There's even more humans ... and other races. A hell of a lot more races. Gensokyo has changed so much while you were gone!

Wow the Spell Cards that everyone uses is much more prettier than what you have, but you're STILL BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE with your extensive knowledge of MAGIC. You WILL catch up and still be the BEST in wielding magic! Magic never changes! You still have your way to come to and fro to the Outside World but ...

You're in AWE at the advances that has happened. The Internet is an essential part in everyday life. Gensokyo now has a fusion reactor. Aya has a media empire that stretches far beyond the Outside World. Everyday people now have computers for portable telephones; even some youkai carry cellphones now! Oh wow! It's like Star Trek! Wikipedia has just about everything; we don't need encyclopedias anymore! The information revolution has come of age and has taken the world for a ride.

But your mind has NOT caught up in the few years you were asleep. You have come to a CHANGED WORLD with fear of terrorism after the attack on September 11 ... and the subsequent War on Terror. The European Union finally establishes the Euro. Globalization. Saesbo Slashing. Oil prices skyrocket to new heights. Pluto is NOT a planet anymore. The Great Recession. The Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis. The Credit Crunch. The world has gone through TWO Popes past John Paul II-- you completely missed Pope Benedict XVI and now it's Pope Francis! What!? Japan went through EIGHT Prime Ministers!? Wow ... the Fukushima disaster ... Mima, you have missed a lot ...

Boy Bands such as N'Sync and Backstreet Boys no longer exist. Britney Spears went crazy. The United States elected its first African-American president. There's more than 151 Pokemon and the Pokemon World extends beyond Kanto. Nintendo is no longer rivals with Sega, and there's even Sonic games on Nintendo. Nobody uses AOL. Your Geocities website is GONE.

But hey! Some names are still around! Emperor Akihito is still around! Reimu Hakurei, Alice Margatroid, and Marisa Kirisame is people you still recognize! Toyota is still Number One even though there's a lot of safety recalls. Ayumi Hamasaki still makes music! So does L'Arc~en~Ciel! Hey! Even Justin Timberlake aged really well! That's pretty cool! Haha, Metallica still sucks ass, and there's still FREE file sharing over the Internet (even though you tried to look for Napster and couldn't find it!) Oh! You could still log onto your CompuServe account and check your email! But this ... WWW ... thing you have to get used to. Oh wow! There's a lot more HIP-HOP and RAP music!? These are your FAVORITE music genres! Hey, look! Gensokyo has a Starbucks now, that's pretty neat, but what the hell is JUNES and why is everyday great there?

But remember Mima, Sisqo was a ONE HIT WONDER. No one listens to him anymore ... wait WHAT THE HELL? HE'S RELEASING AN ALBUM IN 2014?! It's like she was never asleep!

You spent your life savings on a variety of things to HIDE your ill gotten gains. You had an extensive collection of Beanie Babies that turned out to be WORTHLESS. However, you had invested in Apple Computer, Amazon.com, Intel, and such in 1997. You PURCHASED property in Dubai. You ACQUIRED an oil field in Canada. You discovered in shock that you're a BILLIONAIRE.

Combined with newfound WEALTH and a completely different world, you are left completely SHOCKED and completely CONFUSED with the realm of Gensokyo and the Outside World beyond.

You hope to try to catch up to what the world is today. It was only 14 years that you were asleep, but that was enough to miss a hell of a lot. You've got to be nicer now ... you're completely DEPENDENT on many people to guide you through this new era.

... perhaps the world needs a TRANSFORMED Akuryou that is shocked about the new world she is now living in, that she decides to try to do something about it.