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MerTrolls, Trolls that would be known as Mermaids, are a Hybrid type of Mythos being. There appearance is that of a sea-dwelling troll from the head down to just a bit past the waist, where there legs then join into a powerful tail. Most Mertrolls have dark black hair, with skin tones ranging from grey to a light blue. Their blood is usually some varient of purple, up to fuschia. Their tails colours have a vast variety of options, some matching their blood, while others are mixed from the colours of their parents.

Environment and Behavior

As mertrolls, they exist primarily underwater, at all times. Some may find their way inland, through rivers and companions willing to move them around in tubs of water, but most are found in the sea. They live a migrant life, traveling through the sea with their homes brought along with them either on the backs of massive lusii or towed by powerful tamed sea-beasts.

Mertroll cities are usually collections of such homes, either atop one single lusus the size of a plateu, or several smaller ones that have come to live together in a symbiotic relationship. MerTrolls are relatively friendly, however they usually think themselves better than regular sea-dwellers and land trolls and mythos, due to their close relationship with the legendary beasts of the sea such as sea-leviathans and Gl'bgolyb.


Living under the sea, and being a Mythos, MerTrolls are quite adept at wielding Ice and Water magic. Truly practiced masters of water can even control it to the point that they can move it through the air above, to travel on land and engage in activities with land dwellers.

Along with this, they are also masterful alchemists, crafting potions that can create incredible effects both positive and negative. Some even craft potions that let them gain legs of their own for a time.

Amongst Mertrolls are a sub-race, known as Sirens. Ontop of the previous abilities, they also have the ability to control people with just the sound of their voices.