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A lunar mage utilizing a form of black magic.

Mages are trolls with magical abilities. They are distinct from psionics in that their power comes not from their minds, but from celestial bodies. There are three varieties of mage: Solar, lunar, and planetary.

Solar Mages

Solar mages draw their power from the sun, and as a result, most solar mages are jadebloods. Mainly active during the day, solar mages are best equipped to handle summoning magic, mental magic, and 'white' magic. The elements they commonly associate with are fire and iron.

Lunar Mages

Mostly lowbloods, lunar mages are empowered by the moons. There are two sub-branches of lunar mage: The viridian mages and the royal mages, who focus on the green moon and the pink moon, respectively. Viridian lunar mages focus mainly on divination, while royal mages prefer transmutation. Both types of lunar mage also use 'black' magic. They're commonly associated with ice and darkness.

Planetary Mages

Planetary mages draw energy from the earth, and their numbers are comprised mainly of highbloods (excluding purpleboods). They primarily use nature and elemental magic, allowing manipulation of plants, metal, earth, fire, air, and water, and are associated with the elements of wood and earth.

Environment and Behavior

Mages live similar to normal trolls, residing in private hives. Most mages are part of a group, or cabal, of mages of the same branch, who work together to perform their magic and survive. It's not uncommon for conflict between two cabals to arise, especially when magic artifacts and locations are involved.


Depending on the mage's affiliations, they can have any number of powers under their belt, so anyone approaching them should do so with caution. A common weakness that can be exploited is their hubris and pride, which can quickly lead to anger and rash behavior.

Despite the differences between the three types of mages, all are capable of spacial magic.

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