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A kitsune in its giant lizard form.

The kitsune are a race of trollinoids which appear nearly identical to trolls, but have up to nine reptilian tails, depending on their age.

Environment and Behavior

Kitsune live mainly in East Alternia, where they reside in the forests and plains of the area. It's not uncommon for them to wander into troll territory, however, for any number of reasons.

Shrines and altars to kitsune are a common sight, both in and outside of cities. Food and gifts are often left at these shrines, to be picked up the kitsune who owns it. A kitsune who has not received offerings for a while may cause trouble for nearby trolls.


The most notable ability of kitsune is to transform between a troll-like form and a reptilian form. They're also well versed in elemental magic, manipulating earth, fire, and darkness with equal skill.