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Formatting Cheat Sheet

Common Templates

Common Templates Cheat Sheet


To add a new category or section to the wiki, ensure that you add


to the top of your post so it can be categorized.

Recommended Categories

We recommend putting [[Category:Characters]] on the top of the entry if you are posting a character. An example of a character profile is Ageravareon.


To refer to an internal article in the wiki, insert [[Article Name]]. You may use spaces. In some cases, you may want to refer to an article in a different context. In this case, you would create [[Article Name|Text that appears]].

For external links, you would use the following setup [ | Google]


In the event a redirect due to alias names, a page should have the following code: #REDIRECT [[CORRECTARTICLE]]

InterWiki Links

InterWiki links have now been added. Currently the wikis that are interlinked is the following with examples

  • MSPA Wiki - [[mspaw:Jade_Harley|Jade Harley]] - Jade Harley
  • TouhouWiki - [[touhouwiki:Reimu Hakurei|Reimu Hakurei]] - Reimu Hakurei
  • Memory-Alpha - [[memoryalpha:Temporal Mechanics|Temporal Mechanics]] - Temporal Mechanics
  • Bulbapedia - [[bulbapedia:Pikachu|Pikachu]] - Pikachu
  • SCP Foundation - [[scp:scp-1004|Factory Porn]] - Factory Porn

The second past the pipe allows you to name the link something a little more friendly.

Homestuck Page Linking

The wiki also has the ability to link to specific pages in MS Paint Adventures. You must insert the leading zeros (00XXXX) such as

[[mspa:005437|Eridan is Dead here]]

Eridan is Dead Here