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Giants are, as the suggests, trolls of great size, normally around twenty feet. Their skin bears a passing resemble to a rough stone wall in both color and texture, and they lack any sort of hair.

Environment and Behavior

Giants live in caves deep underground, most of which they carved out with aid from dwarves. It's not uncommon for grubs in the middle of their trials to come across a giant and run away squeaking in terror. Fortunately for the grubs, though, giants are very gentle beings when it comes to grubs, and more often than not help them in their trials. Any giant who harms a grub, whether accidentally or purposefully, is ostracized by their peers.


Giants are among the strongest and most durable mythos, and thus are often sought out in wartime despite their gentle demeanor. They've been known to withstand artillery fire and then rip the offending artillery in half.