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Yin-yang-orb.png This muse is played in a derivative Homestuck Universe. They are portrayed different from Andrew Hussie's original works. For a further background of this muse, visit Eridan Ampora's page on MSPAWiki.

Eridan Ampora
Eri Daya.png
Tumblr URL bunbunmaru-shimbun
Race Violetblood Alternian Troll
Magician, Youkai Class
Origin Imperium Alternium Sanctum
Holy Alternian Empire
Age 92 sweeps[1]
Gender Male
Eye Color Yellow with Glasses
Hair Color Black with Purple streak on front
Height 6'2"
Abilities Magician
Prince of Hope
Occupation Admiral of the Fleet of Alternia
The Prince of Hope
Being Aya's bitch
Current Residence Shameimaru Shinden
Theme HoMM V - Haven[2][3][4]

Eridan Ampora is a seadwelling troll from Gensokyo Prime's Alternia. He is known for his exploits in his home timeline as being the Orphaner for about 50+ sweeps before the job was outsourced to Gensokyan Fairies. He has been promoted to The Admiral of the Fleet of Alternia and is Her Enlightened Radiance's (Feferi in his timeline) right hand. However, he has a good certain amount of autonomy and is personally in charge of overseeing the external protection of Gensokyo and its homeworld, especially in defending from hostile Condesces.

A Preface

This is using an old admin's headcanons that are adopted for this muse. There are reasons why this muse is completely different; the muse has already been aged. As this muse has been adopted by this admin, it is being played similar to the old admin's way of doing it.

For referential reasons, this is the Eridan that is being referred to.


The phrase "this Eridan has seen some shit" is applicable. Over the years, he has calmed down significantly. He had an affinity for military leaders and conquerors and military history. Now having the responsibility under a changed Alternia, he no longer carries genocidal tendencies towards land dwellers, and like most of the trolls in this next generation, completely rejects the caste system. He is still very blunt and honest about his opinions and his thoughts about others. He still has behaviors of overacting and exaggeration, wearing extravagant clothing and with a boisterous attitude.

His interest in science magic is rekindled as Gensokyo is the powerhouse of arcane magic and spirituality, and talks with magicians such as Marisa Kirisame, Mima, and Patchouli Knowledge to work on his skills.

He frequently visits Soldan's shrine that is geared for Alternians who live in Gensokyo.

He has a dislike for his ancestor, Orphaner Dualscar from many attacks from him.

Prince of Hope

This universe is not sBurb enabled, however, the Prince of Hope destiny was actually accepted by him.

He is very respectful to Gensokyans and those that have allegiance to the realm. He is sworn to protect "Alternia's Holy Land." This is from his contemporaries' title of the Prince of Hope. Gensokyo is considered to be the equivalent of the Land of Wrath and Angels, and is one of the few who has accepted this destiny-- giving hope to those wishing to leave their timelines.


When talking physically, he has an odd accent-- seems to be a mix of Scottish and Irish. It may have some occasional pirate and sea puns, usually when the situation is jovial. Double ww and vv, no g in words ending in -ing, still shortens some names, and may use a instead of 'an' or 'of'. However, he will be talking and written in para form.

When talking online, he will use his original quirk and attitude. This is likely to prevent certain paradoxes as he is a future incarnation.


Although this universe is not sBurb enabled, the Prince of Hope title can be 'called up.' This results in an odd paradox where he has the ability to call up his God Tier form. His source of arcane magic mana comes from this common 'destiny.' He is moderately powerful in wielding the arcane. This is show by being the first Alternian Magician, the process in which he halts his aging process and removing the requirement of eating.


Currently none.


In this history timeline (Gensokyo Prime), sBurb never existed.

Pre Pax Era

He was raised under various seadwellers, most of which were connected to the legendary Orphaner Dualscar himself. At the age of 42 sweeps, Eridan made an attempt on Dualscar’s life while they were at sea, and was effectively cast out into the ocean with a grievous wound, now noted by a scar across his chest, from shoulder to hip.

Eridan washed ashore on an island not found on any map, and discovered an ancient “magic” and used the magic to refine his skill. He was given the choice to stay until he could obtain a power to obtain what he was after. This magic was to be discovered as the entry to Gensokyo with various magicians in Gensokyo proper and Makai.

At 56 sweeps, Eridan had roused a small crew and took on the Orphaner again, this time murdering him without much effort, and casting him to the same seas he was previously. He then took control of his ship, refitting it and renaming it to the Obsidian Cutlass. When he was Orphaner, his duties range from culling lusii to acting as a temporary executioner. He didn't necessarily work for the Empress, but work synergistically with her, feeding the great beasts below for her with the spoils of war.

Pax Alternia Era

"The Cuffs. The Sign will come from a Far Away Land. And in this sign, you shall conquer... With the Sign, the New Age of Enlightenment shall begin" - Dream of Radiance

[ Author Note: This information is incomplete. ]

As Her Imperious Condescension tried to expand out and further away from Alternia, her power weakened until the Sufferer's message once again resurfaced and stuck to many people as literal gods and youkai began teaching their ways along with redeemed and reformed trolls. Eridan became one of the many who have converted.

Feferi Peixes, the heir apparent, becomes closer to Gl'bgolyb to the point that HIC has no influence. Combined with the weakening internal power of HIC and the rise of Feferi, a major revolution occurs in combination of trolls of all bloods, the youkai, and spearheaded by Shinki and Reimu not only disposing HIC, but upon arrival to the afterlife ... is held for 1000 years until judgement.

Feferi was declared Empress "Her Enlightened Radiance" and blessed by Reimu Hakurei, Byakuren Hijiri, Toyosatomimi no Miko, Shinki, Aya Shameimaru (representing the Tenma Tengu), and confirmed by Satori Komeiji. This Alternia's timeline declares that four religions: Shinto, Buddhism, Taoism, and Tenrikyo would be in concert as the new state religion-- with other religions allowed to be practiced freely. Thus, the Imperium Alternium Sanctum-- the Holy Alternian Empire begins. It is simply also known as the Pax Alternia Era.

During this time, Eridan begins to be promoted, as the Orphaner position becomes obsolete; fairies have taken over the equivalent of Orphaner and some trolls have adopted the 'family' model of raising grubs. Promoted to Ambassador for Alternia, then further promoted to Admiral of the Fleet-- the highest rank attainable, completely controlling all ships (water, space, air, time, and otherwise[5]) of the Alternian Empire, command upon almost every military operation, being Feferi's right hand (still moirails), and personally overseeing the protection of Gensokyo itself-- declared the Holy Land.

A sectarian war between the Subjuggulators and the Holy Alternian Empire is ongoing.

Quadrants and Relationships

Eridan practices multi-ship.

Relationship Quadrants
Matespriteship ♥ Moirallegiance ♦

Aya Shameimaru[6]

Feferi (Her Enlightened Radiance)[7]
Kismesissitude ♠ Auspisticism ♣




  1. In human years about 200 years. Calculated via .
  2. Apparently pieces of Mozart's requiem.
  3. Latin Lyrics: Lacrimosa dies, dies irae, qua resurget ex favilla, judicanus homo reus. Tuba mirum spargens sonum, per sepulcra regionum, coget omnes ante thronum. Tuba mirum spargens sonum! O deus maiestatis!
  4. English Lyrics: That day of tears and wrath, when from the ashes shall arise, all (humanity) are to be judged. The trumpet will send its wondrous sound, throughout earth's sepulchers, and gather all before the throne. The trumpet will send its wondrous sound!
  5. Ship girls (Kantai Collection) included!
  6. Due to popular demand, the ship is now made permanent via a merger of the muses.
  7. This is not roleplayed but merely alluded to


This is an attempt to continue the theological timeline of Christianity as well as information from the Book of Revelation and Daniel's Prophecies in Chapters 9-12. The author's bias is of the Seventh Day Adventist church.

This mirrors the later history of Christianity, after the Signless's death. With the secret spread of the Signless's messages, slow conversion begin in pockets. What caused the final spread and push is the discovery of the wormholes that connected Gensokyo Prime's Earth, representing the connection of Paul

The events appraising Gensokyo