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Djinn are a type of spirit said to be born from fire and air, a legend that their appearance and abilities reflect. While a djinn's basic form is similar to that of a troll, they're rarely seen without an aura of green flame, and their legs are normally dispersed into a cloud of green fog of some sort.

Environment and Behavior

Djinn seem to have their roots in arid regions, but have spread throughout Alternia. They live mainly in small places, such as lamps and boxes. While their abilities allow them to warp the fabric of reality, they're neither fully malevolent nor benevolent. They have a reputation of twisting wishes around to harm the wisher, but this normally only happens if the djinn in question was forced to grant the wish.


Djinn are one of the only races to be able use magic of all known branches, a feat no doubt connected to their apparent immortality. This allows them to warp the fabric of the universe and do almost anything.