Corrupted Woods

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The only surviving image of the Ethereal Woods.
The Corrupted Woods as it appears now.

The Corrupted Woods is all that remains of the ancient Ethereal Woods, an ancestral home for many different kinds of mytho.

Physical Characteristics

Despite the thousands of years that have passed, the Corrupted Woods remain a wasteland full of ashy dirt and blackened, twisted trees. Few beings can live there, and even fewer dare to venture close. Rumors abound of hostile spirits haunting the land, raging against the events that cost them their lives and their homes.

A copse of huge tree corpses stand in the middle of the Woods, surrounded by the bones of many different species.


In the past, the Corrupted Woods was called the Ethereal Woods, due to the forest serving as a focus point for a large amount of planetary mana. It was a gathering place for almost every kind of mytho but none coveted the area more than the planetary mages, and they maintained the majority of control over the Woods despite protests from races such as the fae and the kitsune.

The subjugglators saw the Ethereal Woods as a tempting target, due to the large concentration of mythos there at any given time, and eventually launched a massive assault against the Woods. The mythos in the area fought fiercely to defend the Woods, but they were unable to prevent the subjugglators from burning the Woods and destroying the Foci Trees which drew in and provided all the land's mana. As a result, the mana was horribly corrupted and the land forever tainted.

Many mythos were able to flee the destruction, but none of the subjugglators made it out before the corrupted mana infected them. With over half the subjugglator population gone in an instant, this was the perfect time for the mythos to strike back.

Several attempts to cleanse the land have been made, to no avail.