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Yin-yang-orb.png This muse is played in a derivative Touhou Project Universe. She is portrayed different from ZUN's original works. For a further background of this muse, visit Aya Shameimaru's page on TouhouWiki.
Some information may have been copied over from the TouhouWiki Aya Shameimaru article due to redundancy.

Aya Shameimaru
Aya ShameimaruDaya01.jpg
Aya's mug.
Tumblr URL bunbunmaru-shimbun
Race Crow Tengu (Promoted Daitengu)
Origin Youkai Mountain, Gensokyo
Age 1000+ years
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Height 5'6"
Abilities Control over wind, Speed
Occupation Daitengu of the Shameimaru Shinden, Yamaxanadu of Alternia
Current Residence Shameimaru Shinden Estate
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Aya Shameimaru is a promoted daitengu-crow tengu who is ultimately in charge of the Shameimaru Shinden estate, which is considered Gensokyo's quasi governmental agency. However, she is still the Editor-in-Chief of the Bunbunmaru Shimbun.

This Aya is based on Judo Fuu's ~ Mad Tengu.


Her behavior is a little more serious in tone due to her vast responsibilities. Aya attempts to be cordial as much as possible without causing particular issues. Her reporting style when she is out on the field doing things for her newspaper is hardhitting and has increased accuracy and unbiased. This is likely to be from her status.

This Aya is unique in that unlike any of her incarnations, she is not much of a pervert. In fact, she is actually fairly prudish when it comes to anything involving sexual contact or relations. She is horrendously loyal to her quadrantmates and will not stray at all.

She is prone to insanity fits as the "darkness" that is the Mad Tengu incident is permanent to her. This is exacerbated when she has overworked ... which happens more often then one would like.


Manipulating wind

With this ability, Aya can cause wind of incredible strength, including tornadoes, whenever she pleases. Somehow, this also allows Aya to "listen" to the wind to collect rumors, aiding her in the journalism business. Many of her spell cards in the fighting games show this ability a lot. Her powers are among the top class in Gensokyo, and not many can challenge her with a real chance of winning. However, she doesn't like fighting much, nor does she shows off her power a lot. This seems to be a common characteristic among Tengu.


While Tengu as a whole are known for their incredible speed that few can match, Aya is an exception even among them and is often regarded as "the fastest" in Gensokyo. This is clearly demonstrated in one of her spell cards.


This Aya is the part time Yamaxanadu, or Judge of Paradise, of Alternia (and any other equivalent). She is doing this under commission of Shiki Eiki, Yamaxanadu to ensure proper, unbiased judgement sine she is familiar with trolls.

Well ... close enough unbiased judgement; previous judges caused a near 100% damnation rate. To relieve the pressure, she is charged to re-check every soul that went through the Alternian Ten Kings Court System.


She is the head of the Shameimaru Shinden Estate which oversees a vast media empire that centers on newspapers, radio, and television. She is also the part time Yamaxanadu of Alternia, as previous judges of Paradise have been sending almost every troll to hell and a rejudgement must occur.

She is also in charge of foreign affairs of Gensokyo, including trade negotiations, foreign relations, and immigration. However, she tries her best to delegate certain responsibilities including trade and immigration to subordinate units.

Aya remains in charge of the Bunbunmaru Newspaper, which has greatly improved its content to become the premier newspaper of Gensokyo and around the multiverse. It serves as primary news, especially in locales and places that have difficulty with net access or need clandestine news. It has become one of the most reliable and unbiased newspapers, a long way from being its gossipy tabloid times. The paper still publishes such content from time to time.

The Shinden also operates a space-time monitoring service, but this is run by Tokiko.

Aya Shameimaru does not know Tokiko Peixes's affiliation with the SCP Foundation.

Quadrants and Relationships

Relationship Quadrants
Matespriteship ♥ Moirallegiance ♦
Eridan Ampora[1]

Kismesissitude ♠ Auspisticism ♣
Jack Noir



Aya Shameimaru

This Aya is based upon Judo Fuu's ~ Mad Tengu.

This is an alternate where she actually won her battle. In short, this doujin is when she was rendered insane by Reisen to make her own incidents to publish. This eventually ran to the point of where she desired to shut down the Hakurei Barrier. She won. The resulting following ends up making her a dai-tengu manager.

It is noted that she did realize that breaking the barrier completely would cause an unraveling of Gensokyo ... at the time. However, she won the right to come and go as she pleased. This resulted in her newspaper subscriptions to skyrocket as it was the only tengu paper that had news of the Outside World ... and actually circulated in the Outside World. Number of subscribers: 45 million. Unheard of even in the modern age, let alone having morning-evening editions.

This massive circulation in the Outside World started bringing visitors to Gensokyo. As more people see and interacted with youkai, this began to cause a positive feedback loop that eventually causes religious pilgrimages to Gensokyo. Due to the pilgrimages, this resulted in a renewed firm belief in the youkai who inhabit the region. From this, youkai existance is assured; the pilgrims see and interact with youkai, which in turn whose stories return back and more people make the pilgrimage to the region.

At first it was localized to the Japanese ... but started to expand worldwide and amongst worlds and even alternate timelines. From as local as Japan and Johto to as far as Kalos and the United States, all have come to interact with their manifestations of their faith, affirm their beliefs, and have a personal connection.

There was however, one particular race who began to completely overwhelm the region ... Alternians. This began to spiral out of control for Gensokyo ... and the nation itself that Gensokyo resides in, Japan.

Aside from the Sufferer's messages ... or perhaps due to the messages, Alternians had no religion or religious belief. This is the first time they have picked up a faith of some kind. The trio of religions: Shinto, Taoism, and Buddhism mirrors the Sufferer's messages. As a result, these began to come in droves ... hordes ... of the right of entry to the region. This is at the level that begins to rival the Abrahamic religions' Holy Land. The flood gates are open ...

As she is responsible for this activity, she is now the permanent gatekeeper for foreigners entering Gensokyo. She is also the patron guardian of all Alternians/Beforans.

Aya has started to reawaken and readopt the old traditions of crow tengu. These traditions include being the teacher and participation of the arts of war and politics. Her mastery of the martial arts is unparalleled. Although still unsure of her abilities and still somewhat inexperience, she has worked with foreign relations between the Outside World and Gensokyo. There is still no leader of Gensokyo, but the Outside World still needs a voice to talk to. She is that voice.

Oh, and as for her newspaper? ... Some articles have become sacred texts.

All this ...is a hell of a responsibility, pressured upon her on a basis that not even gods can handle. A figure of mass worship throughout the multiverse. Can she handle it? Is she ready for this responsibility? How much does she break down per day? Per hour?

There is a trade-off for all this power and prestige ... that madness that she experienced in her past ... it is stuck with her forever. What triggers such a situation? You figure it out.

A religious figure, followed by billions from different worlds. All of the responsibility and negative aspects of such influence. None of the benefits. All of the maddness.

No longer a crow tengu, but more, a dai-tengu now.

Shimbun? Shinbun?


Realistically wise, bunbunmaru-shinbun was taken, so I used shimbun.

However, this also "sounds" more correct.

"Because it’s pronounced shimbun obviously. Since when do you say “inportant”, “inpermeable”, etc. Labial consonant assimilation is a feature of Japanese. It hasn’t been pronounced “shinnbun” since modern Japanese.

~ shogikappa

To be filled in but yes, this Aya will carry a Kantai Collection forme, likely rather of the SR-71 Blackbird. I know there's no planes per say (let alone post-WWII) but this is to extend out a happy hand to the so-called "opposing fandom"


  1. This is a permanent relationship. In deference of the muses happiness, the former mun of Eridan agreed to let me adopt the muse completely.


Shameimaru on bunbunmaru-shimbun