Alice Margatroid (Daya)

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Yin-yang-orb.png This muse is played in a derivative Touhou Project Universe. She is portrayed different from ZUN's original works. For a further background of this muse, visit Alice Margatroid's page on TouhouWiki.

Alice Margatroid
Alice Daya.png
"The Seven-Colored Puppeteer"
Tumblr URL bunbunmaru-shimbun
Race Human Magician
Origin Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue (or Red)
Hair Color Blond
Height 5'
Abilities Magician
Occupation Dollmaker
Lt. General Shameimaru Shinden
Current Residence Forest of Magic
Makai (Wonderland District)
Theme Le Cirque de Sept Couleurs
Alice in Wonderland

Alice Margatroid is a doll-controlling magician who lives in her home in the Forest of Magic near the home of Marisa Kirisame. She currently works for the Shameimaru Shinden as one of the top 'officers' in the organization due to her leadership skills (over dolls and many others) and her arcane magic abilities. Her behavior is infamous for being both friendly and very brash.


Alice's behavior is often friendly which includes helping those who get lost in the Forest of Magic and is hospitable to many people, typically serving cake and tea. She typically gifts dolls that are autonomous to those she cares about. Example is when she hands over dolls to help out her matesprit Demitr Megido; he's been going through quite a bit.

There is another side of her at times that seems to mirror Alice Roosevelt's behavior, likewise calling herself an Ethical Hedonist. She is often witty and can often exhibit rebellious and aggressive behavior--typically described as "tough as nails" in certain environments. This is likely due to her mother Shinki as well as her origins in Makai. This is typically seen when she is either working or fighting.

Combat Style

Fighting style resembles an army general leading a strategic battle, never actually showing her full strength. It is due to keeping certain abilities in reserve for major events or issues. In Gensokyo, since it is not required, she never fights or duels in full strength, preferring to work with command strategies. Outside Gensokyo, she is a much more formidable opponent which typically is a behavior of a general fighting in the front lines, utilizing her grimoire frequently.

She is very commanding: despite her appearance, when in situations that warrant it, she is able to rally and command entire armies of not just her own dolls, but of many others at once. When she can, she will fight her way to ensure she is the commanding general in a battle. Outside of battle, if needed, she can very forceful in what she wants and tends to project dominance.

Her expertises include general arcane magic use with a specialization with spells that deal with command and control. She is well versed in the concepts of military power projection, using primarily hundreds of dolls for combat, but can lead entire armies if need be.


Alice is one of the magic instructors that work with Tokiko Peixes and Mima. Her specialty is magic that deals with strategic studies; discipline on the study of conflict and peace.

Quadrants and Relationships

Alice practices multi-ship.

Relationship Quadrants
Matespriteship ♥ Moirallegiance ♦

Kismesissitude ♠ Auspisticism ♣