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The Gensokyan Archives
The Collection of the Multiverse
... and its attempt to catalog them.
215 pages in English
Major Categories
Welcome to the Gensokyan Archives. This is on a beta test to see how this goes ...

I am aware of this wiki's loading performance. I am doing the best I can to speed it up. I will eventually see if can ask [REDACTED] to let me host on another server altogether.

This wiki is designed to organize and cross reference headcanons as well as taking advantage of the InterWiki links that allows linking to other wikis to also organize headcanons properly.

InterWiki links refer to other wikis such as MSPAWiki and TouhouWiki. This should also assist in giving citations to a person's headcanons.

Note: There is NO limit on the amount of articles you can put, provided they are used for your headcanons and muses. NO limit on amount pictures, provided they are used specifically for your article. However, please do not post NSFW.

For posterity reasons, a fairly old archive of muses/characters is also included in this listing. Due to the age of the information, most of it is considered abandoned.

A current list of pending article permissions is here: Category:Permission_Pending

Due to weird issues I am unable to resolve, Infobox and Navbars templates will still be made but will be set up manually for each persons' needs if they are unfamiliar with templates as the "fancy" wikipedia ones are hella hard to setup for some god awful reason.

Current AUs/Verses

These are universes that are actively contributing articles to the wiki. However, it is not limited to these AUs. Anyone can contribute and pretty much use the wiki for their own purposes.

Archived Universes

Archived universes are those who are no longer being roleplayed for whatever reason. However, this will allow documentation of very old RP that is memorialized and could be used.

Why the Gensokyan Archives?

The reason why this is named the Gensokyan archives is because ... well Aya is running this. I can call it whatever I want. But really, "in character" wise, this archive is located in the Scarlet Devil Mansion's Library. This is a subsection of this library. This will have current RPs such as the Gensokyan Hub and Myth0sbent.

This is also serving to hold old RP information that was once used and will be held for historical reasons. I will attempt to attribute as much as we can. -- Aya Shameimaru


Honestly, it's because it's a short URL. Since the domain is being unused other than a redirect, I figured putting information about present and past online RPs.